Body: Belleza– Freya

Head: Catwa– Uma

Skin: Mila– Fiona (fair)

Freckles: MJN– Freckles FatPack

Eyes: Veechi– Siren eyes (sage)

Lashes: Besom– Sweetheart Lashes

Eyeliner:  MJN – Beauty Basics eyes

Lipstick: MJN – Executive Mattes

Hair: Doux– Emerald

Ears: Pumec– Bohemian

Earrings: Izzie’s– Hoop Earring (silver)

Piercings: Blaxium– Karra Piercings

Top: Osmia– Michele Blouse (black)

Jeans: Blueberry– Sammy Jeans (light blue)

Nails: Ascendant– Meet the Queen Nails 09

Lollipop: Figure 8– Paw Lollipop Royal Caramel (RARE) @ MadPea’s Pet Friends Fair

Pose:  FoxCity – Breather V3- 3ma

Backdrop: The Bearded Guy– Name of Love

Look Favorites

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE holdables. Weather its food, drinks, cute pets, chances are if I can hold it I want it. This adorable paw lollipop from Figure 8 is no exception. Now, maybe its because I am a dog lover but I saw these and immediately wanted them all. The idea of them itself is super cute and if your extra af like me you will love that the rares have little crowns and jewels!

As if the concept wasn’t cute enough lets talk about the amount of detail and overall quality of them. I mean, come on… there are freaking gold flakes in the chocolate. It doesn’t look rushed or cheaply made. I love the details in the caramel and the like textures are spot on. Overall I think this is a perfect example of a good gacha item. Cute, simple, and the rares are just different enough that it keeps you playing.

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