POST #22


Body: Belleza– Freya

Head: Catwa– Uma

Skin: Mila– Christina (fair)

Lashes: Besom– Sweetheart Lashes

Piercings: Blaxium– Karra Piercings

Nails:  Ascendant– Meet the Queen Nails 09

Hair: Doux– Mecca Hairstyle

Bruises: Lychee.– Yokai’s lover (now updated for legacy!)

Pose: WetCat– Aphrodisiac @Pose Fair – After Dark (exclusive, event starts August 10th at 12PMSLT)


Body: Signature– Gianni Body

Head: Catwa- Victor

Skin: Stray Dog– Levi

Body Tattoos: Speakeasy– Heroic

Beard: Beusame– Beard V30

Hair Base: Magnificent- Hair Base Mid Fade

Hair: Modolus– Wesley Hair

Piercings: RealEvil – Revox P4

Ears: Swallow– Crusties Ears

Look Favorites

I am going to be state the obvious here, there is really not much on us in this photo. However I do need to take a moment to appreciate how well made this pose is. As someone that hoards poses like my life depends on it I can see I have seen it all. Couples poses especially are such a pain at times, and there is no creator on earth that can make a pose that fits every single person. This Pose by WetCat however surprised the hell outta me.

I’ll admit it, I went into this pose thinking I was going to spend 45 minutes making adjustments. I was pleasantly surprised when really I needed to do no more then a little height adjustment (I am so small compared to him, haha!) I also want to note that with allot of poses that the knees are bent like this it just becomes a huge mess of body parts clashing together. I was so excited when I didn’t have to give up my curves for this photo!

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