POST #28

Body:  Belleza– Freya

Head: Genus– Baby Face

Skin: Pumec– Zara #10

Eyes: Lotus – Manga Eyes #4 @GachaGarden

Hair: Blues.- Aries

Necklace: SynCo– Crystal Pendant

Body Shine: This is Wrong– Tiger Shine @Vanity 

Bruises: Lychee.– Hell Raiser

Lingerie: Moon Elixir– Divine Love (gold)

Leaves & Sparkles: Disorderly– Woodland Watcher

Pose: PoSed– Look at me

Look Favorites

When I was putting this look together and I wanted something out of the ordinary I knew the Moon Elixir was probably going to be my best bet. The pieces there are always super pretty, detailed, and unique. When I saw this set I knew this was it. The bra has so much detail and the texture is spot on with the style. It gives a heavy fantasy vibe and is super playful. I also saw the others colors they offer and it looks great in each one. I adore the detail around the panty which is also around the back of the bra.

My second favorite thing about this look was the tiger stripe shine from This is Wrong. I know I have talked about these shines in previous posts but, there is just nothing else like them on SL. I love love loved this set, it gave this an animalistic vibe in the prettiest and more subtle way.

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