POST #39

Body:  Belleza– Freya

Head: Genus– Baby Face

Skin: Mila– Chelcie (fair) @Vanity 

Tattoo: Dappa– Shika Tattoo @Equal10

Hair: Doux– Mecca Hairstyle

Choker: Kibitz– Harriet’s metal plate collar (babygirl)

Bracelet: RealEvil– Affection Bracelet

Top: Pseudo– Dylan Tshirt Hustler

Jeans: Evani – Nezza Zip Jeans (moon)

Shoes: Sparrow– Gabby Sandals (unisex) @eBento

Pose: PoSed–Bad Habit

Look Favorites

By now I am sure its obvious that I need to accessorize for my mental well being. This bracelet by RE is literally my favorite addition to any outfit that needs a little extra something. If my wrists look a little too empty this is usually the first thing I go to. Like everything else I own by RealEvil the quality is great, it resizes easily and can be moved on the wrist to fit your needs.

Now, the fun part…customization. This bad boy has a great hud. You can pick from 10 leather colors, 10 metal colors, and 10 engraving colors. All of these options make for endless combinations especially since the leather color can be changed by individual band. You also get 10 slots to engrave your bracelet with letters and shapes.

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