POST #49

Body: Signature– Gianni Body

Head: Catwa- Victor

Hair Base: Magnificent- Hair Base Mid Fade

Skin: Stray Dog– Levi

Facial Piercings: RealEvil– Savage Face Piercings

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn– Piercing Set 05 Snakebites

Mole: Deetalez– Beauty Mole

Ears: Swallow– Crusties Ears

Beard: Beusame– Beard V30

Hair: Modolus– Archer Hair

Top: Dufaux– Zaro Shirt

Jeans: Kalback– Original Jeans m5 (faded)

Shoes: Versov– Kurtov Sneakers

Rings: RealEvil – Beast Rings (right)

Rings: Codex– Hedonist Bento Rings (left)

Rings: L’Emporio&PL– Errant (yes hes wearing 3 sets of rings, yes hes extra.)

Bracelet: Amias– Egino Bracelet

Necklace: Amias– Avros Necklace

Tattoos: Dappa– Sinister @Equal10

Dog: Rezz Room– Imperial Doberman Animesh @Man Cave

Leash: Rezz Room– Imperial Leash Animesh @Man Cave

Watch: Vale Koer – Motus Chronometer (black)

Pose: Wrong– W92-2

Backdrop: The Bearded Guy– One More Day

Look Favorites

Versov released these chucks a while back and I have to admit, I am obsessed. I personally don’t ever buy fatpacks because well… ya girl is on a budget but, when I saw these my frugal little heart grew 4 sizes and I decided I needed them all. Now, first and foremost these bad boys are unisex *YASS!*. The amount of color options and details literally gives you limitless possibilities. Each part can be customized individually and that alone is a huge deal for me. Next thing is the look of them. I mean do I really have to even point out how dope they look? They are made wonderfully, the textures are great I don’t even have a single complaint about them.

Extra Mentions

Shoutout to 007 for letting me blog him! I have seriously seen him evolve from one of those dudes that changed once a week to this shopoholic monster. Honestly, I am living for it. His all around swag is great and I love watching him play with it more and more every day. He also constantly gets voluntold to sit on poseballs and strip naked for my blog (perks of partnering a blogger? haha). I don’t give him enough credit for the patience he has during my creative process. He really came through for me during Pose Fair and I am super grateful that he was willing to tolerate my stressy mess and mood swings trying to make things perfect. His photo skills are also pretty good (for a noob ;D)

Make sure to give him a follow!

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