POST #52

Body:  Belleza– Freya

Head: Catwa– Uma

Skin: Mila– Lotte (sugar)

Ears: Pumec– Hell Wheel

Hair: Moon– Happy

Eyes: Lotus– Fable Eyes #17 RARE @Spellbound

Piercings: Blaxium– Karra Piercings

Bindi: Moon Amore -Arcano Bindi

Eyeshadow: Rainbow Sundae– Morgana Eye Makeup @Enchantment

Tattoo: Rainbow Sundae– Senpai’s Love @Notice me, Senpai

Lipstain: Lychee.– Lip Stain

Choker: Bubble– Devils Choker

Lights: Hera– Colour Mix Highlight Projectors (purple & mint)

Look Favorites

My hair hoard is pretty much out of control and, I am the first to admit that certain brands I buy all the hair even if they are similar. This hair however by Moon is unlike anything else I own. I first say this on my sister and I stalked her blog to find it (haha :P)

Now, I have tons of old moon hair, some of which I still use because the quality is still up to par. But this cute do is just to die for. I love the details in the braiding and the space buns. Braids can so easily look messy on SL but she did a great job. The color options on the fatpack are great, and they all come with ombres too. Usually these alternative type of hairstyles just don’t suit but but that one for some reason I love.

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