POST #86

Body:  Belleza– Freya

Head: Catwa– Uma

Skin: Mila– Fiona (fair)

Hair: Doe– Gala (monotone)

Piercings: Blaxium– Karra Piercings

Eyes: Lotus– Fleur Eyes #8 @GachaLand

Ears: Swallow– Pixie Ears

Lipstick: Just Magnetized– Hellbore Lipstick

Eyeshadow: Izzies – Gloom Eyeshadow

Nails: Ascendant– Taffy Nails @Access

Necklace: Quirky– Caged Collar

Dress: AVALE– Mitzi Dress @Vanity

Horns: PUNCH– Devil Distinct

Bracelet- RealEvil– Affection Bracelet

Tattoo: Dappa– Daddy’s Scars

Backdrop: Sempiternal– William’s Chamber

Look Favorites

This, might be my go to backdrop for things dark and spooky. If you’ve never purchased anything from Sempieternal let me tell you that you are missing out. The amount of detail that goes in to all their work is immense. The textures they have are gorgeous and the imagination aspect of it is there to a T. I have staged this sky box in so many different ways for so many different shots that its kind of ridiculous. I truly am in love with this.

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