POST #90

Body:  Belleza– Freya

Head: Genus– Baby Face

Skin: Mila– Chelcie (fair)

Hair: Doux– Doll Hairstyle @Dubai Event

Eyes: Rainbow Sundae– The Summoning Eyes @We Love Roleplay

Ears: Swallow– Darkness Ears

Eye liner: Suicidal Unborn – Venenosa Eye Makeup

Lipstick: Suicidal Unborn– Lilith Lip Gloss @Salem

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn– Face Piercing Set 01

Body Shine: This is Wrong– Stardust Materials Shine @SanaRae

Hat: Seniha– Morgana Hat @Anthem

BodySuit: Seniha– Morgana Body & Coat (coat not worn) @Anthem

Pose: Stun Poses: Alice Pose- Curve (gift)

Look Favorites

More spooky stuff! Ugh, so I have a love hat relationship with hats. I love them but I hate how they look on me. THIS hat however… I mean, look at it. ♥.♥. Seniha did what i consider a modern take on a witch hat and man I am in love. The shape, the textures, the details. It is so well made and looks perfect with the rest of the Morgana set. I am positive this isn’t the only time this set will make a blog appearance!

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