POST #113


Body: Belleza– Freya

Head: Genus– Baby Face

Skin: Mila– Vina (fair)

Hair: Moon– Happy

Tattoo: Speakeasy– Introvert Tattoo

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn– Face Piercing Set 01

Panty: Duckie– Barely there (purple)

LEMME – Outer Space Set @Kinky

Pose: Extra– Bent Over


Body: Signature– Gianni Body

Head: Catwa- Skell

Skin: Stray Dog–Caleb

Hair: Doux– Mikey

Ears: L’Etre– Horn Mesh Ears

Tattoo: Dappa– Snarl Tattoo @TMD

Stalker in the window:
Aunty Claudia ♥

Post Favorites

I love love love love LOVE poses with props. This cute and sexy pose from Extra made my heart so happy! So, a while back i was actually looking for something like this specifically that had a belt or whip prop and nothing I found was up to par. Needless to say when I saw this I was super excited. Granted, this shot ended up taking a totally different turn when my aunty showed up and alien dildos got involved. However a little humor never hurt anyone. I do want to mention that one of my favorite things about Extra is that I generally have to do minimal tweaking with couples poses, and my avis aren’t super tall and slim. Adjusting is always easy and again, minimal.

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