POST #120

Body: Belleza– Freya

Head: Genus– Baby Face

Skin: Mila– Vina (fair)

Hair: Doux– Lala Hairstyle

Ears: Pumec– Gothic Longing (group gift!)

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn– Face Piercing Set 01

Glasses: Sorgo– Nana Shades

Blush & Tears: LOFI– Anxiety & Tears Applier (genus)

Outfit- AVALE– Lima Top & Pants (light) and Shirt (heaven) @Cosmopolitan

Props: Bad Unicorn– Baked baked goods set:
– Birthday Cake
– Coffee
– Cupcake 1, 2, & 3
– Pizza
Bad Unicorn– Smoker’s Set @TMD :
– Ashtray
– Cigarette (wear)
– Lighter (decor)
– Pack of cigarettes (decor)

Pose: FoxCity– Stairs Sit 4m

Backdrop- FoxCity– The Book Nook

Look Favorites

My obsession for food and props on SL continues with these two sets from Bad Unicorn. The baked baked goods set, I mean come on… look at it. I am in love with the idea, let alone the execution. Everything is made gorgeously and the textures are on point. This super fun set will probably be rezzed out at my house for ever now. The smoker’s set is also a handy little set that was executed probably better then any other one I have seen. I love clutter and small details so the moment I saw these I was sold! Plus, the lighter and cig, and pack all have decor & wear options!

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