POST #159

Body:  Belleza– Freya

Head: Genus– Baby Face

Skin: Mila– Elsie

Hair: Besom– Ashley

Ears: Pumec– Crafty Pixie @Anthem

Swirl Earring: Fetch– Nico Earring (group gift!)

Tattoo: Dappa– Akina V2 Tattoo @TMD

Jacket: EVIE: Trendsetter Jacket

Top: EVIE: Trendsetter Top

Jeans: Red Girl– Ripped Grey @anyBody

Shoes: Cult– Jamie Crocs @Access

Building: Bad Unicorn– Brooklyn Brownstones

Post Favorites

Ripped jeans are still in, and they are everywhere. These babies however are my new fav pair. First of all they come in several colors, and each color had a dirty option. The structure of them is great, meaning they fit my freya perfectly, wide hips and all. The rips on them are HUGE which I personally love and feel like I don’t have enough of. I also love the fact that they are rolled up at the bottom because it gives me more shoe pairing options!

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