POST #163

Belleza– Freya

Genus– Baby Face

 Doux– Melanie Hairstyle @TresChic

Heaux– Shine Eyes

Face Tattoo:
Rainbow Sundae – Ritual Face Tattoo

Tattoo & Shine:
This is Wrong– Carbon Tattoo @Man Cave

Plastik– Kassien Gacha (Top, Skirt & Horns) @Epiphany

Post Favorites

When it comes to fantasy clothing Plastik by far has to be one of my favorite brands. The sets of costumes they come up with are gorgeous and always perfectly rigged. Then there is the accessories this round of Epiphany they blessed us with these horns and oh my god. First, I love love love that they are like a see through plastic material. I can honestly say this is my first set of see through horns and I love it. The adornments on these babies are gorgeously crafted and finely detailed. As per usual the textures are all striking. I might just be a beasty for a while guys jsut so I can leave these on!

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