POST #166

Belleza– Freya

Genus– Baby Face

Mila– Elsie

  Doux– Nansi Hairstyle

Heart Glasses:
Cubic Cherry– Kokoro Glasses

Lotus– Majestic Eyes Gacha SECRET RARE @GachaGarden 

Secrets– Georgia’s Necklace (Silver) @Crush

Kaitheleen’s– Nymphadora Top @Crush

SEKA– Lovey Treats @Crush

Heart Scars:
Dappa– Damaged Scars

Wall Props: Short Leash
– Playtime Wall Art Pale
-Playtime Word Art Sign
-Hentai Princess Shibari Ropes (long)

Other Props: LEMME @Equal10
Crazy 20s Pack
– Glass & Gold Trolley
-Champagne Rose
-Golden Candles
-Treasure Cigar
-Dildos & Plugs

LEMME– Crazy 20s Pack (Pastels RARE) @Equal10

Post Favorites

I love the amount of sweet treats brought on by Valentine’s Day. This gorgeous holdable treat looks lovely & delicious. It comes with an option to use it as decor, or hold, each hand is optional. Plus a HUD to play with the textures. You can change preyty much every aspect of this baby and all of the textures are perfectly done. A must have for you or your honey this holiday!

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