POST #168

Belleza– Freya

Genus– Baby Face

Mila– Elsie

Dappa– Akina V2 Tattoo @TMD

Magika– Faye

Astralia– Giselle Lingerie

Eye liner: 
Suicidal Unborn – Scarlet Eyeshadow

Suicidal Unborn – Lilith Lipstick

The Horror! – Juice Demon Horns

Cult-Stella Heels

Extra– His Pet

Post Favorites

This feature is honestly a hard one to describe but I have to talk about how precious this post is close up. The placement of his arms, hands, right over my shoulder is sweet. I love that the pose lays u right on his lap and wraps ur arms around his legs. Its just precious. I also did not have to alter my shape to fit this which is always a HUGE plus.

Shoutout to Seven for as per usual being my favorite model. ♥
Make Sure you check out his Flickr!

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