Post #169

I just HAD to take the opportunity to play with the Adult Entertainment Gacha Set By Bad Unicorn @Epiphany. This set was so funny and all of the elements in it were super very well made. I am not gonna lie, I had so much fun doing this shot and the laughs….honestly were the best part. The set itself brings allot of cool stuff, my personal favorite being the camera which I can def see myself using for shenanigans in the future.

I do certainly want to spotlight this pose however. The Express Yourself Bento Pose by Synnergy is gorgeous, and so well done. I love poses like this, poses that are meant to add a different perception to photos. Plus it brings the blindfold which is a huge plus. The menu to adjust is easy to use and Misty looked gorgeous despite her “compromising position”.

Shoutout to my amazing family who shared in the laughs of this shot and helped me pull it together. As Misty said “this is how we bond” I love you all. ♥

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