POST #172

Belleza– Freya

Genus– Baby Face

Mila– Elsie

Black Eye: 
Lychee. – Periorbital hematoma

Doux– Mecca Hairstyle

DirtyStories–Tiny Moon

Eye liner: 
Shiny Stuffs– Genus Get in Line

Shiny Stuffs– Multitude of Mattes

Muka– Foxy Collar

Beyond– Romina Dress @Kinky

Villena – Fishnet

Sign & Balloons:
NOIR– Not Today Cupid Gacha @Kinky
– Boycott Sign 04
-Anti Balloons

The Bearded Guy– More Pleasure Gacha @Kinky

Post Favorites

Scars and imperfections are in right now, specially now that BOM is a thing. Lychee doesn’t fall short in this category. These super sick black eye is one of my fav things to slap on when im going for an “ugly, pretty” look. It comes in regular appliers as well as in a tattoo layer for BOM. I love that it brings three options, just the bruising, the bruise with a cut, and lastly the bruising with a cit thats dripping.

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