Post# 177

Legacy Body

Genus– Baby Face

Mila– Leila

Stealthic – Sultry

Mila– Halo Eyes

Fetch– Love Choker @Mainstore for XOXO Hunt

Cookie Tray:
Celeste (Formerly SynCo) -Strawberry Milk Treat Plate @Mainstore for XOXO Hunt

Celeste (Formerly SynCo) – Flutterby Lingerie @Frou Frou

Post Favorites

This super flirty set from Celeste nailed all the details. The back of the bra and the bottoms of this set have this gorgeous butterfly design that works so well with the female shape. The set itself brings a hud with 9 metal option which is a huge plus, it also comes in 20 colors which can be mixed and matched. This set is only for Maitreya but fits the Legacy body with the deformer!

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